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Os grandes eventos e a cultura em Portugal: sobre os Impactos culturais da Expo’98 e os Públicos do Porto 2001
Claudino Ferreira
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012,
Abstract: Os livros em discuss o sintetizam os resultados de duas investiga es conduzidas pelo Observatório das Actividades Culturais, institui o que tem vindo a desempenhar um papel decisivo na produ o de informa o e no desenvolvimento da pesquisa sociológica sobre a cultura em Portugal. Os dois trabalhos representam um importante contributo para a compreens o do significado e das implica es culturais dos dois grandes eventos recentemente realizados no nosso país: a Expo’98 e a Porto 2001. Em amb...
Contributo para a história da avalia o educacional em Portugal: os anos 70  [cached]
Candido M. Freitas Varela de
Revista Portuguesa de Educa??o , 2001,
Abstract: Thirty years ago, educational evaluation was almost unknown in Portugal. Today evaluation is subject to a major debate, and it would probably maintain that feature. This paper aims to point out several less known facts about the beginnings of educational evaluation in Portugal, as the first chapter of a Portuguese history of evaluation. The author assumes himself as an eyewitness and an actor in most of those facts. The paper covers the period between 1960 and 1980, stressing the influence of the international organizations and the turmoil of the Carnation revolution (the 25th April 1974).
A economia das institui??es agrícolas em Portugal: contributo para um quadro conceptual de análise
Análise Social , 2004,
Abstract: this article outlines a conceptual framework for analysing agricultural institutions in portugal on the basis of the corporative organization which prevailed under the estado novo and the co-operative structures of the democratic regime. the origins, structure and operation of the country?s main agricultural organizations during this time is studied using an institutional economics approach.
Epidemiologia da asma e rinossinusite no Centro de Portugal: Contributo da alergia
Todo-Bom,Ana; Loureiro,Carlos; Rodrigues,Victor; Burney,Peter; Pinto,Anabela Mota;
Revista Portuguesa de Imunoalergologia , 2012,
Abstract: asthma is a major health problem affecting individuals of all age groups with increasing prevalence. the aim of this study is todetermine the prevalence and characterization of asthma in an adult population of portugal, the prevalence of pathology associatedwith asthma and to assess the prevalence of allergic sensitization in the patients studied. in coimbra, in 2009-2010, a group of 2200 individuals, aged between 18 and 74 years that were randomly selected, as recommended by the ga2len protocol received a questionnaire with questions about asthma, rhinitis and chronic rhinosinusitis to be completed and mailed. a random sub-sample of 275 individuals respecting the distribution by pathology underwent skin prick tests for inhalant allergens. the epidemiological survey showed a prevalence of asthma of 16.8%, rhinitis 33.6% and sinusitis 27%. 63.1% of patients with asthma also had rhinitis. allergic sensitization was reported in 74.3% of the asthmatics identified and 69.5% of patients with rhinitis. the results confirm the need of reliable surveys to assess the prevalence of asthma in order to reduce disparities reported in different studies. the use of uniform methodology in different european countries reduces this limitation. the prevalence of asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis found, confirm the increasing trend of these diseases. the prevalence of allergic asthma in adults in central portugal is an up to date reference for future studies in this scientific area
Estudos cromossómicos em Pteridophyta de Portugal, III  [cached]
Queirós, Margarida
Collectanea Botanica , 1997,
Abstract: Chromosome numbers of nine taxa of Pteridophyta from Portugal are reported. Earlier counts of seven of these taxa have been carried out on material from other Portuguese places. Polypodium vulgare L. and P. interjectum Shivas is now first studied under the caryological point of view. Se ha estudiado el número cromosómico gamético de nueve táxones de Pteridophyta portugueses, siete de los cuales coinciden con los datos indicados anteriormente para otras localidades del país. Se dan a conocer por primera vez, en material portugués, los siguientes: Polypodium vulgare L. y P. Interjectum Shivas.
Portugal: país-arquipélago: Contributo para a defini o de um conceito estratégico Portugal: archipelago country: Contribution to a strategic concept definition for the 21st century  [cached]
António Costa e Silva
Rela??es Internacionais (R:I) , 2012,
Abstract: O objetivo deste artigo é propor uma vis o estratégica para Portugal enfrentar o século xxi. Esta vis o estratégica baseia-se nos grandes desafios que o mundo de hoje enfrenta e da necessidade de o mar voltar a desempenhar um papel central no pensamento geopolítico português. This article seeks to present a strategic vision to Portugal facing the 21st century. This strategic vision is founded on the current great challenges and on the recognition of the sea to present a central role in the Portuguese geopolitical thinking.
As associa es de jornalistas, em Portugal, até 1974, e as suas publica es contributo para uma reflex o acerca do associativismo jornalístico  [cached]
Jorge Pedro Sousa,Patrícia Oliveira Teixeira
Revista Comunica??o Midiática , 2011,
Abstract: Portugal has followed, since 1880, the international trend towards the foundation of representative organizations of journalists, documenting the growing sense of class among those who did of the editorial office of a newspaper an occupation, an activity or even a profession. The goal of this paper is to know the journalists' associations that existed in Portugal, from the very beginning until 1974, and in particular those which published some kind of bulletin or magazine, as well as presenting, in summary form, the respective publications. To that end, we have used bibliographic research about the journalistic associations and, especially, a documentary analysis of such publications.
O sentido dos árabes no nosso sentido: Dos estudos sobre árabes e sobre mu?ulmanos em Portugal
Silva,Maria Cardeira da;
Análise Social , 2005,
Abstract: without seeking to conduct an exhaustive analysis of the field of studies on arabs and muslims in portugal - which only now are being undertaken -, this article seeks to monitor the political uses which have moulded that field over time. traditionally associated with ethno-genetic concerns and archaeology, studies on arabs and islam today continue to inspire the persistent and widely disseminated myth of multicultural/luso-tropicalist tolerance (in an islamophile version of orientalism) - for example by way of that which is here described as the ?mértola effect? - atavistically celebrated in the ethno-genealogy of the portuguese.
Alfabetiza??o e escola em Portugal no século XX: Censos Nacionais e estudos de caso
Candeias,António; Sim?es,Eduarda;
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to understand and analyse the ways literacy and schooling were implemented in the portuguese society during the twentieth century. in the first part of it, we compared the portuguese literacy and schooling rates whit other european countries and societies, and then analysed and discussed the data given by the portuguese population census from 1900 to 1960, concluding that until the fourth decade of this century an important part of portuguese people became literate autonomously, i.e. not using compulsory school in a standard way. in the second part of this paper we studied population samples of three generations of a rural village of portugal, the freguesia do beco in ferreira do zêzere, that were born between 1888 and 1969, reconstructing the evolution of their literacy and schooling levels and relating it with professional mobility, gender and social status. we also tried to establish the social images of literacy, school and their relationship with child`s work, leisure and daily routines in two generations (grand parents and grand sons) and analyse the changes that occurred in this period of time, showing that the process of schooling and literacy has to be understood under a broader social and historic perspective in which literacy rates and their evolution are only one of the aspects to be considered.
Estudos de mercado com telemóveis: Um caso de aplica o em Portugal Estudio de mercado con teléfonos móviles: Un caso de aplicación en Portugal Marketing research with mobile phones: a Portuguese case  [cached]
Paula Vicente,Elizabeth Reis
Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gest?o , 2012,
Abstract: A taxa de penetra o dos telemóveis em Portugal aumentou fortemente nos últimos anos e ultrapassou já a taxa de penetra o dos telefones fixos. Este facto pode constituir um incentivo à utiliza o do telemóvel como meio de recolha de informa o nos estudos de mercado. Este artigo reporta os resultados de um estudo de mercado realizado com recurso a telemóveis. Os resultados evidenciam que a amostra de respondentes n o é representativa da popula o em diversos atributos sociodemográficos, e que este perfil é comum aos respondentes das três redes móveis. Quanto ao processo de contacto e entrevista destaca-se a elevada percentagem de contactos para números de telemóvel n o atribuídos. A taxa de resposta foi próxima de 20%. La tasa de penetración de teléfonos móviles en Portugal ha aumentado considerablemente en los últimos a os y ha superado la tasa de penetración de los teléfonos fijos. Esto puede constituir un incentivo para utilizar el teléfono móvil como medio de reunir información en el ámbito de los estudios de mercado. Este artículo presenta los resultados de un estudio de mercado llevado a cabo utilizando teléfonos móviles. Los resultados indican que la muestra de encuestados no es representativa de la población en varios atributos socio-demográficos, y que este perfil es común a los encuestados de las tres redes de telefonía móvil. En cuanto al proceso de contacto y entrevista se destaca el alto porcentaje de contactos a los números móviles no asignados. La tasa de respuesta fue de aproximadamente 20%. The mobile phone penetration rate in Portugal has shown a marked increase in recent years and has already exceeded that of fixed phones. This may be an incentive to make mobile phone a survey mode. This paper reports the results of a telephone survey conducted by means of mobile phones. The outcomes show that the sample obtained is not representative of the target population in relation to several socio demographic characteristics; this profile is shared by the three mobile networks. A striking feature of the sampling process was that the high percentage of the contacts made was to non-attributed numbers. The response rate was about 20%.
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