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Uniformly curated signaling pathways reveal tissue-specific cross-talks and support drug target discovery  [PDF]
Tamas Korcsmaros,Illes J. Farkas,Maté S. Szalay,Petra Rovo,David Fazekas,Zoltan Spiro,Csaba Bode,Katalin Lenti,Tibor Vellai,Peter Csermely
Quantitative Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btq310
Abstract: Motivation: Signaling pathways control a large variety of cellular processes. However, currently, even within the same database signaling pathways are often curated at different levels of detail. This makes comparative and cross-talk analyses difficult. Results: We present SignaLink, a database containing 8 major signaling pathways from Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila melanogaster, and humans. Based on 170 review and approx. 800 research articles, we have compiled pathways with semi-automatic searches and uniform, well-documented curation rules. We found that in humans any two of the 8 pathways can cross-talk. We quantified the possible tissue- and cancer-specific activity of cross-talks and found pathway-specific expression profiles. In addition, we identified 327 proteins relevant for drug target discovery. Conclusions: We provide a novel resource for comparative and cross-talk analyses of signaling pathways. The identified multi-pathway and tissue-specific cross-talks contribute to the understanding of the signaling complexity in health and disease and underscore its importance in network-based drug target selection. Availability: http://SignaLink.org
Inheritance patterns in citation networks reveal scientific memes  [PDF]
Tobias Kuhn,Matjaz Perc,Dirk Helbing
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.4.041036
Abstract: Memes are the cultural equivalent of genes that spread across human culture by means of imitation. What makes a meme and what distinguishes it from other forms of information, however, is still poorly understood. Our analysis of memes in the scientific literature reveals that they are governed by a surprisingly simple relationship between frequency of occurrence and the degree to which they propagate along the citation graph. We propose a simple formalization of this pattern and we validate it with data from close to 50 million publication records from the Web of Science, PubMed Central, and the American Physical Society. Evaluations relying on human annotators, citation network randomizations, and comparisons with several alternative approaches confirm that our formula is accurate and effective, without a dependence on linguistic or ontological knowledge and without the application of arbitrary thresholds or filters.
Future Talks,  [cached]
Catherine Defeyt
CeROArt : Conservation, Exposition, Restauration d'Objets d'Art , 2010,
Abstract: La conservation des matériaux modernes et les difficultés qui la caractérisent étaient l’objet du colloque international Future Talks, organisé par Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum, les 22 et 23 octobre 2009 à Munich. Conservateurs-restaurateurs spécialisés, représentants des institutions muséales les plus prestigieuses d’Europe et d’outre-Atlantique ainsi que chercheurs en sciences appliquées y ont présenté leurs travaux et recherches. En matière de design, d’art moderne e...
Suggestions For Giving Talks  [PDF]
Robert Geroch
Physics , 1997,
Abstract: This is a latex'd version of Robert Geroch's 1973 notes entitled 'Suggestions For Giving Talks'.
CfA Plasma Talks  [PDF]
Antoine Bret
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: Notes from a series of 13 one hour (or more) lectures on Plasma Physics given to Ramesh Narayan' research group at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, between January and July 2012. Lectures 1 to 5 cover various key Plasma Physics themes. Lectures 6 to 12 mainly go over the Review Paper on "Multidimensional electron beam-plasma instabilities in the relativistic regime" [\emph{Physics of Plasmas} \textbf{17}, 120501 (2010)]. Lectures 13 talks about the so-called Biermann battery and its ability to generate magnetic fields from scratch.
The Justice and the Colombia Peace Talks  [PDF]
ángel Emilio Mu?oz Cardona
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2016.63024
Abstract: The purpose of this research paper is to feed the reflection elicited by the peace talks in Colombia for that serve the construction a better country and a better society of the post-conflict to start from citizens’ confidence in its institutions of justice. To achieve this, it is necessary to begin by the concepts of justice that makes Adam Smith in “Lessons of Jurisprudence” and is associated with the concept of utilitarianism of John Stuart Mill as search for the general happiness. The investigation goes to do traceability exhaustive of the Peace Accords in Colombia to compare them with those achieved by other societies of the post-conflict in two countries in Europe and one from Latin America. A historical and theoretical count, that allows us to conclude in the need for a peace agreement to Colombia based in the justice, in other words, respectful of the rights of victims and territories affected by the armed conflict. An agreement for the peace that prohibits at the demobilized is political representatives by popular voting, as show of support at the victims. Punishment of citizen value over those who committed heinous crimes against humanity.
Influence of the multiple scattering of relativistic electrons on the line width of the backward Parametric X-ray Radiation in the absence of photo absorption  [PDF]
Mehdi Tabrizi
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The multiple scattering effect on the line width of the backward Parametric X-ray Radiation (PXR) in the extremely Bragg geometry, produced by low energy relativistic electrons traversing a single crystal, is discussed. It is shown that there exist conditions, when the influence of photo absorption on the line width can be neglected, and the only multiple scattering process of relativistic electrons in crystal leads to the PXR lines' broadening. Based on the obtained theoretical and numerical results for the line width broadening, caused by the multiple scattering of $30$ and $50$ MeV relativistic electrons in a Si crystal of varying thicknesses, an experiment could be performed to help to reveal the scattering effect on the PXR lines in the absence of photo absorption. This leads to a more accurate understanding of the influence of scattering phenomenon on the line width of the backward PXR and helps to a better construction of a table-top narrow bandwidth X-ray source for scientific and industrial applications.
Aspect in English and Russian flashback discourses  [cached]
Daniel Altshuler
Oslo Studies in Language , 2010,
Abstract: An important issue that often comes up in research on Russian aspect concerns the puzzling choice of the imperfective versus the perfective aspect in cases where both seem to be possible and seem to have similar meanings. This paper investigates flashback discourses, which often exemplify such cases and reveal criteria for how the choice is made. I provide an analysis of the two aspects in Russian based on these criteria, as well as a comparison of these two aspects to the English perfect and progressive.
Review of Theory Talks at Xxix International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics  [PDF]
A. Kaidalov
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: A short summary of main results of theoretical talks presented at XXIX International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics is given.
Three talks on noncommutative geometry@n  [PDF]
Lieven Le Bruyn
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: Notes of three talks given at the workshop 'Hilbert schemes, non-commutative algebra and the McKay correspondence' CIRM-Luminy (France) October 2003. If A is an order over a central normal affine variety X having a stability structure such that the variety of all semi-stable A-representations is a smooth variety, then the corresponding moduli space is a partial desingularization of X and we have a complete classification of the remaining singularities.
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