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Domínios geomorfológicos na área de ocorrência dos depósitos de espongilito da regi?o de Jo?o Pinheiro, Minas Gerais, Brasil
Almeida, Ariana Cristina Santos;Varaj?o, Angélica Fortes Drummond Chicarino;Varaj?o, César Augusto Chicarino;Gomes, Newton Souza;Volmer-Ribeiro, Cecília;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672011000300007
Abstract: important erosive processes that took place after the cretaceous era were responsible for the evolution of the landscape in the jo?o pinheiro region where spongillite deposits occur. the progression of these erosive processes on the carbonate rocks led to the development of negative karstic features where the ponds present formed the spongillite deposits. based on field studies and analysis of multispectral images, four geomorphological domains were identified: i) domain 1, represented by a plateau related to sandstones from the areado group that present the highest altitudes in the area; ii) domain 2, that constitutes a desiccated area related to pelites from the areado group; iii) domain 3, comprising a karstic planation surface associated with carbonate rocks from the bambui group and pré-bambuí unit covered by cenozoic sediments where the ponds occur; iv) domain 4, composed of gutter shaped valleys enclosing meandering of underfit streams (of the prata and paracatu rivers). these valleys cut through the karstic planation surface (domain 3) where pleistocene sediments occur and characterize the more recent morphological domain.
Altera??o estrutural de uma área de cerrado explorada sob regime de manejo no município de Jo?o Pinheiro-Minas Gerais-Brasil
Figueiredo, Maria Auxiliadora Pereira;Souza, Agostinho Lopes de;Meira Neto, Jo?o Augusto Alves;Silva, Alexandre Francisco da;Figueire, Luiz Henrique Arimura;
Revista árvore , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622010000300016
Abstract: the management plans presently being carried out are, in the majority, a forest exploitation done with as if it were a management plan. this work was carried out in order to help differentiate these two types of exploitations. it was aimed at verifying the sustainability of the cerrado management plan carried out on santa cecília farm, in the municipality of jo?o pinheiro, in the state of minas gerais, brazil, through the structural analysis of the vegetation, identifying some of its impacts in relation to a non exploited cerrado area. the evaluation was made by plots that were established in the explored area in 1994/95 and in the non explored area. the results of the horizontal structure analysis showed that there were significant differences in the absolute density and the total volume and absolute dominance between the areas studied. the results of diametric structure showed a significant difference for the density distribution and between the basal area and total volume. these results indicate that the exploration was done beyond the limits that could allow the recovery of the vegetation for a new harvest at the end of rotation cycle.
Meteoritos espa oles del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales  [cached]
García Guinea, J.,Martín Escorza, C.,Fernández Hernán, M.,Sánchez Mu?oz, L.
Estudios Geologicos , 2006, DOI: 10.3989/egeol.066211
Abstract: Aims of this work are to collect relevant historical data on Spanish meteorites together with the recent data provided by novelties which are being generated from the important meteorite fall of Villalbeto (Palencia at 2004, January, 4th.). Here are also included new observations performed by ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy) in the Spanish Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales of Madrid (MNCN), new private information and new field observations together with original pictures of the Villalbeto fragments. The impressive fireball of January 4, 2004 was an important geological phenomenon escorted by audible booms, colour, a persistent path of 30 minutes and a production of more than 32 known fragments. The initial entrance magnitude mass was independently determined by photometric, seismic, infrasound and radioisotopes data matching on 750 kg, size less than 1 m of diameter, and 60 000 km/h in the entrance time. A massive fragmentation occurred at a height of 28 km produced a meteorite strewn field of 20x6 km in the northern of Palencia. El objetivo de este estudio es recopilar los datos históricos conocidos más relevantes sobre meteoritos espa oles incorporando las novedades que está generando el importante meteorito de Villalbeto (Palencia, 4 de enero de 2004), incluyendo análisis originales en el microscopio electrónico ambiental de barrido (ESEM) realizados en el Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN), nuevos testimonios humanos y nuevas observaciones de campo, con algunas fotografías inéditas del meteorito. El superbólido del 4 de enero de 2004 fue un fenómeno geológico de importancia trascendental, estuvo acompa ado de sonidos, una estela persistente de 30 minutos y más de 32 fragmentos documentados. La masa entrante se pudo determinar independientemente por su luminosidad, por detección sísmica, por detección infrasónica y por radioisótopos, coincidiendo todos los métodos en unos 750 kilogramos y menos de un metro de diámetro. Entró en la atmósfera terrestre a 61.000 kilómetros por hora y estalló a unos 28 kilómetros de altura esparciendo fragmentos en un área elíptica de unos 20 x 6 kilómetros en el norte de Palencia.
Alternatives procedures for small farming sustainable management of parana pine Mecanismos alternativos para manejo sustentável de pinheiro-do-paraná na pequena propriedade rural
Jorge Zbigniew Mazuchowski
Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.4336/2012.pfb.55.31
Abstract: After the expansion of agricultural frontier occurred in the southern brazilian region, which brought native forest substitution, new management and alternatives practices were introduced in order to preserve and stimulate new plantings of the parana pine (Araucaria angustifolia ). Alongside, in the last years, silviculturists have been promoting activities of forest development, in special with Pinus, Eucalyptus, Grevillea and bracatinga (Mimosa scabrella) species to face wood depletion of native forest species. At the same time, new legal procedures also contributed to reduce new plantings of parana pine because it tried to enforce simple preservation with high demands and tough inspection measures. Thus, representing 85 % of land structure in the State of Paraná, discouraged - small farmers were looking for to erradicate this species due to legal over regulation. Therefore, to vercome this situation, mechanisms were offered to the silviculture management of Brazilian pine which were based in two central points tupgrading the existing laws and to incentive new plantations, specially in the areas set aside for environmental protection called of "Reserva Legal". In this way, the Extension Service (Emater) tried to help this situation with the following prescription: technology diffusion; rewards to stimulate forest producers in the municipality; and formation of farmers groups to collect, select and to sell pine seeds. Em substitui o às florestas nativas, pela abertura de fronteira agrícola, práticas agropecuárias alternativas foram introduzidas nas propriedades rurais com pinheiro-do-paraná (Araucaria angustifolia (Bert.) O. Kunt). Porém, nos últimos anos, a silvicultura tem promovido o desenvolvimento de atividades ligadas às madeiras de pínus, eucalipto, grevílea e bracatinga frente à exaust o de madeira oriunda de espécies florestais nativas, na gera o de recursos no meio rural. Ao mesmo tempo, os instrumentos legais estabelecidos inviabilizam o plantio do pinheiro por buscarem a simples preserva o com medidas fiscais exacerbadas. Representando 85 % da estrutura fundiária paranaense, as pequenas propriedades buscam erradicar a espécie pelos prejuízos decorrentes. Os mecanismos propostos para manejo silvicultural dos remanescentes baseiam-se em dois pontos centrais - altera o dos normativos legais vigentes por serem impeditivos ao plantio, aliado ao incremento do fomento para plantio, especialmente nas áreas de Reserva Legal. Nesse sentido, dentre as experiências conduzidas pela EMATER, para estímulo ao manejo do pinheiro, destacam-se as uni
La colección de meteoritos del Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Tenerife: catalogación internacional y resultados preliminares  [cached]
Hernández-Fernández, S.,Rodríguez-Losada, J. A.,García Talavera, F.,Lunar-Hernández, R.
Estudios Geologicos , 2010, DOI: 10.3989/egeol.40170.108
Abstract: The Tenerife Museum of Natural Sciences (MCNT), holds an important collection of meteorites, collected since 1985 in various expeditions to the south of Morocco, Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal. Seven specimens (stones) have been selected for study and cataloguing, following the structure of the international databases on meteorites (e.g., Natural History Museum, London). Descriptive data such as provisional nomenclature, location, type of event, number of fragments, dimensions, weight, density, mineralogy and geochemistry of mineral phases are provided. A previous classification was made in accordance with the rules of The Meteoritical Society. El Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Tenerife (MCNT), cuenta con una importante colección de meteoritos, recolectados desde el a o 1985 en diversas expediciones a la zona Sur de Marruecos, Sahara, Mauritania y Senegal. Se han seleccionado siete ejemplares (lititos), con objeto de estudiarlos y catalogarlos, siguiendo la estructura de las bases de datos internacionales sobre meteoritos (por ej., Museo de Historia Natural, Londres). Se aportan datos descriptivos tales como nomenclatura provisional, localización, tipo de encuentro, número de fragmentos, dimensiones, peso, densidad, mineralogía y geoquímica de las principales fases minerales. Se ha realizado una clasificación preliminar de acuerdo a las normas de The Meteoritical Society .
Jo l au quotidien  [cached]
Jean-Claude Lasserre
In Situ : Revue de Patrimoines , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/insitu.1044
Abstract: Figure 1Morlàas, promotion 1977, Phot. Inv. B. Chabot Inventaire général, ADAGP, 1977 La spécialité de Philippe [...] était, sous prétexte d’étudier les fermes, de repérer les belles armoires ornées de croix de Malte ou de Morlàas, où il soup onnait les grands-mères du Vic-Bilh [...] de cacher un trésor démembré à la Révolution. L’armoire repérée, il s’agissait de se la faire ouvrir [...] Il passait alors à Jo l dont l’extrême courtoisie glissait sur les toiles cirées des tables de ferme av...
Rainfall variability in and water availability in Fernandes Pinheiro, the central-southern state of Paraná
Leandro Redin Vestena,Jucelmo Calux
Pesquisa Aplicada & Agrotecnologia , 2010, DOI: 10.5777/37
Abstract: O presente trabalho teve como objetivo analisar o regime pluviométrico e estimar preliminarmente o balan o hídrico climatológico para o município de Fernandes Pinheiro, Paraná. A série de dados estudados compreendeu o período de 1963 a 2004, da Esta o Agrometeorológica de Fernandes Pinheiro, monitorada pelo Instituto Agron mico do Paraná (IAPAR). Os procedimentos metodológicos pautaram-se em cálculos estatísticos da média, do desvio padr o, do coeficiente de varia o mensal e anual da pluviosidade, e na aplica o do método do balan o hídrico climatológico. Os resultados obtidos apontaram que é normal a presen a de um período de déficit hídrico no solo, independentemente da quantidade pluviométrica, e que, apesar da pouca variabilidade pluviométrica anual, existe uma significativa variabilidade pluviométrica mensal no município de Fernandes Pinheiro. Este estudio tuvo como objetivo examinar el régimen de las precipitaciones y una estimación preliminar del balance hídrico climático de la ciudad de Fernandes Pinheiro, Paraná. Fue estudiada la serie de datos del período comprendido entre 1963 y 2004, obtenidos en la Estación Meteorológica de Fernandes Pinheiro, supervisadas por el Instituto Agronómico de Paraná (IAPAR). Los procedimientos metodológicos se basaban en los cálculos estadísticos de la media, desviación estándar, coeficiente de variación de las precipitaciones mensuales y anuales, y la aplicación del método de balance hídrico climático. Los resultados indican que es normal tener un período de baja humedad del suelo, independientemente de la cantidad de lluvia y que, a pesar de la variabilidad baja de las precipitaciones anuales, hay una variabilidad significativa de la precipitación mensual en el municipio de Fernandes Pinheiro. The present work had as objective to analyze the rainfall and preliminarily estimate the climatologic water balance of Fernandes Pinheiro city, Paraná. The series of the studied data comprehended the period from 1963 to 2004, of the Agrometereological Center of Fernandes Pinheiro, monitored by the Agronomic Institute of Paraná (IAPAR). The methodological procedures are guided by statistical calculation of the average, the standard deviation, the annual and monthly coefficient of variation, and the method of the climatologic water balance. The obtained results indicated that, independenton the rainfall amount, the presence of a water deficit on the soil is natural, and in despite of the little quantity of the annual rainfall variability, there is significant monthly rainfall variability in Fernandes Pinheiro.
Roy, Jo lle. Xman est back en Huronie  [cached]
Gabrielle Bonifaci
Voix Plurielles , 2012,
Abstract: Roy, Jo lle. Xman est back en Huronie. Compte rendu
Maria Rosa Sousa Pinheiro e a reconfigura??o da enfermagem brasileira
Oguisso, Taka;Campos, Paulo Fernando de Souza;Santiago, Emiliane Silva;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072009000400005
Abstract: this exploratory-descriptive study funded on historical method aimed at identifying female participation in the social transformations arising out of the americanization process in brazil, post-1930. for this purpose, maria rosa sousa pinheiro's trajectory is presented. data used for analysis were collected through documents found in the archives of the historical-cultural center for iberian-american nursing. such data allowed for recognizing the person in focus who acted decisively towards the reconfiguration of the art and science of care in brazil. the results permit us to affirm that nursing helped to disseminate the ideals of the american way of life as the model for professional education and practice from countries like canada and the united states. this research suggests that the role of maria rosa sousa pinheiro embodies the spread of a new representation of women within social and labor spheres.
Resenha de PINHEIRO, Jorge. História e religi o de Israel: origens e crise do pensamento judaico. S o Paulo: Editora Vida, 2007. 175p.  [PDF]
Sérgio Gon?alves de Amorim
Plura : Revista de Estudos de Religi?o , 2010,
Abstract: Resenha de PINHEIRO, Jorge. História e religi o de Israel: origens e crise do pensamento judaico. S o Paulo: Editora Vida, 2007. 175p.
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