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    Wang, D.H.; Lee, K.M.; Yu, Z.; Koener, H.; Vaia, R.A.; White, T.J.; Tan, L.-S. Photomechanical response of glassy azobenzene polyimide. Macromolecules 2011, 44, 3840–3846, doi:10.1021/ma200427q.

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  • TITLE: Photomechanical Bending of Azobenzene-Based Photochromic Molecular Fibers
  • AUTHORS: Hideyuki Nakano,Ryoji Ichikawa,Riku Matsui
  • KEYWORDS: photomechanical effect, photochromic molecular fiber, azobenzene, photoinduced mass transport, bending motion, CdSe quantum dot
  • JOURNAL NAME: Micromachines DOI: 10.3390/mi4020128 Sep 07, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: Microfibers composed of azobenzene-based photochromic amorphous molecular materials, namely low molecular-mass photochromic materials with a glass-forming property, could be fabricated. These fibers were found to exhibit mechanical bending motion upon irradiation with a laser beam. In addition, the bending direction could be controlled by altering the polarization direction of the irradiated light without changing the position of the light source or the wavelength of the light. In-situ fluorescence observation of mass transport induced at the surface of the fiber doped with CdSe quantum dots suggested that the bending motions were related with the photoinduced mass transport taking place near the irradiated surface of the fiber.