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    Pope, M. and Swenberg, C.E. (1982) Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals and Polymers. Oxford University Press, New York.

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  • TITLE: High Performance Polymer Light-Emitting Devices
  • AUTHORS: Vivek Kant Jogi
  • KEYWORDS: PLED; Current Efficiency; Power Efficiency; Current Density
  • JOURNAL NAME: World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2014.41003 Sep 06, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: In order to improve the performance of polymer light-emitting devices, driving voltages, current efficiency, luminance and power efficiency of different cathode metals such as Ca/Al, CsF/Al, LiF/Al and LiF/Ca/Ag were compared. The results show that cathode metals CsF/Al contain the highest current efficiency, maximum luminance and power efficiency. Therefore, we can choose the CsF/Al to be the cathode for improving the performance of polymer light-emitting devices.