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    McClelland Jr., W.B. and Means Jr., K.R. (2012) Palmaris profundus tendon prohibiting endoscopic carpal tunnel release: Case report. Journal of Hand Surgery (American Volume), 37, 695-698.

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  • TITLE: Anomalous muscles in carpal tunnel associated with neurovascular variations: Case report and brief review
  • AUTHORS: Nabil Eid, Yuko Ito, Yoshinori Otsuki
  • KEYWORDS: Carpal Tunnel; Gantzer’s Muscle; Median Nerve; Nerve Compression Syndromes
  • JOURNAL NAME: Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research DOI: 10.4236/fmar.2014.21003 Sep 06, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: Anomalous muscles in carpal tunnel (CT) may cause carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and may be also associated with neurovascular abnormalities, altering the diagnosis and surgical interventions for CTS. The authors report a case of bilateral Gantzer’s muscles (GMs) inserted into the tendons of flexor digitorum profundus within the CTs in an old male cadaver. The left GM was associated with enlarged lumbrical muscles in the CT and bifid median nerve (MN) communicating with ulnar nerve in the hand. The right GM was associated with perforation of MN branches in the hand by superficial palmar arch. This unreported coexistence of anomalous GMs and the associated neurovascular variations may have clinical relevance to etiology, diagnosis and treatment of CTS.