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  • TITLE: The Multiresolution Image Format
  • AUTHORS: Titusz Bugya, ákos Halmai
  • KEYWORDS: Multiresolution; Image Storing; Raster; GIS
  • JOURNAL NAME: Journal of Geographic Information System DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2013.51009 Sep 05, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: In this paper we present a new method and file format which allows to create, store and manipulate multiresolution raster images. “Classic” raster images are built up by rasters (pixels) where in the same image each raster (pixel) has the same size. Multiresolution raster image (mri) are unlike the “classic” raster images. An mri file is a regular text file, conformed xml 1.0 standard and allows: 1) to store raster based images with different resolution in the same file and in the same time (i.e., allows to contain rasters with different size in the same image); 2) to export easily any part of the image as a separate raster image and to import an image as a part of a raster; 3) to define geographical reference for a raster image and use this image as a raster based GIS model; 4) to perform computations (i.e., image manipulation) on the content of the file. It is an important characteristic of the mri format that mathematical operations could be performed always in the same resolution as the current resolution of the given part of the image. To confirm this statement we present how to perform a convolution on an mri file.