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    Schmidt, S. and Zakayo, E. (2018) Land Formalization and Local Leadership in Moshi, Tanzania. Habitat International, 74, 18-26.

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  • TITLE: Infrastructure Provision in Regularised Informal Settlement through Labour Based Approach: Lessons from Miembeni Settlement in Moshi, Tanzania
  • AUTHORS: Edmund Zakayo, Emmanuel Patroba Mhache, Wakuru Magigi
  • KEYWORDS: Labour Based Approach, Infrastructure Provision, Informal Settlement, Moshi, Tanzania
  • JOURNAL NAME: Open Access Library Journal DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105883 Nov 29, 2019
  • ABSTRACT: Labour based approach as a participatory approach in infrastructure pro-vision has become a topical global agenda to ensure success of urban plan-ning practice in informal settlements. This paper contributes to the emerging debate on the roles and critiques of the use of labour based approach in infrastructure provision as one step in the implementation of land regularization taking Miembeni settlement in Moshi Tanzania as a case. The study highlights motives and needs for infrastructure provisioning as an important step for local communities’ engagement in land regularization towards improving infrastructure facilities and utilities in the settlement. It provides explanation on technology in which labour adopted, supported by light equipment, which was used as a cost-effective method of constructing and maintaining infrastructure at a required standard. Likely provides donor community contributions and settlement characteristics. The analysis is grounded in understanding labour based approach as a theoretical base in using local community and simple technology in improving infrastructure in informal settlements, implementation process, the role of planning institutions, planning standards and written and unwritten norms. The paper ends by providing reflections and concluding remarks which provide lessons and sharing knowledge for replication in informal settlements of the same context in Tanzania and elsewhere.