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    Wastell, C., & Booth, A. (2003). Machiavellianism: An Alexithymic Perspective. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 22, 730-744.

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  • TITLE: Machiavellianism and Intimacy Attitudes in the Interpersonal Relationships
  • AUTHORS: Chi-Fai Lo, Eva Chor-Bing Ng
  • KEYWORDS: Machiavellianism, Interpersonal Relationships, Mach IV Scale, Intimacy Attitude Scale-Revised (IAS-R)
  • JOURNAL NAME: Psychology DOI: 10.4236/psych.2019.104029 Mar 06, 2019
  • ABSTRACT: The present study investigated the relation between Machiavellianism and intimacy attitudes in the interpersonal relationships. Male (N = 46) and female (N = 56) participants aged 18 to 51 years (M = 31.56, SD = 8.00) were recruited to complete a questionnaire containing Mach IV Scale (Christie & Geis, 1970) and Intimacy Attitude Scale-Revised (Amidon, Kumar, & Treadwell, 1983). The regression analysis has revealed that Machiavellianism is a reliable predictor of the intimacy attitude of an individual, and the hypothesis that Machiavellianism is negatively correlated with positive intimacy and positively correlated with negative intimacy has been confirmed.