Ikot, A.N., Antia, A.D., Akpan, I.O. and Awoga, O.A. (2013) Bound State Solutions of Schrodinger Equation with Modified Hylleraas plus Exponential Rosen Morse Potential. Revista Mexicana de Fisica, 59, 46-53.


  • TITLE: Application of the Frobenius Method to the Schrodinger Equation for a Spherically Symmetric Hyperbolic Potential
  • AUTHORS: Hippolyte Nyengeri, Rénovat Nizigiyima, Eugène Ndenzako, Félix Bigirimana, Dieudonné Niyonkuru, Audace Girukwishaka
  • KEYWORDS: Frobenius Method, Schrodinger Equation, Hyperbolic Potential, Bound States, Wave Functions
  • JOURNAL NAME: Open Access Library Journal DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104950 Oct 29, 2018
  • ABSTRACT: In this paper, an efficient technique for computing the bound state energies and wave functions of the Schrodinger Equation (SE) associated with a new class of spherically symmetric hyperbolic potentials is developed. This technique is based on a recent approximation scheme for the orbital centrifugal term and on the use of the Frobenius method (FM). The bound state eigenvalues are given as zeros of calculable functions. The corresponding eigenfunctions can be obtained by substituting the calculated energies into the recurrence relations for the expanding coefficients of the Frobenius series representing the solution. The excellent performance of this technique is illustrated through numerical results for some special cases like Poschl-Teller potential (PTP), Manning-Rosen potential (MRP) and Poschl-Teller polynomial potential (PTPP), with an application to the Gaussian potential well (GPW). Comparison with other methods is presented. Our results agree noticeably with the previously reported ones.