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    Karow Jr., A.M. and Webb, W.R. (1965) Tissue Freezing. A Theory for Injury and Survival. Cryobiology, 2, 99-108.

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  • TITLE: Abdominal Fat Reduction through Cryolipolysis
  • AUTHORS: Doyeop Lee, Kyurae Lee
  • KEYWORDS: Visceral Adipose Tissue, Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue, Cryolipolysis, Body Contour, Weight
  • JOURNAL NAME: Journal of Biosciences and Medicines DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2018.69005 Sep 18, 2018
  • ABSTRACT: Although several studies showed the efficacy and safety from this procedure, the comparative assessment of adipose tissue by cryolipolysis has not been studied until now. Therefore we investigated the quantitative change of cross sectional areas of abdominal SAT (subcutaneous adipose tissue) and VAT (visceral adipose tissue) following cryolipolysis. A prospective study for twelve subjects with a single session of cryolipolysis on abdomen was performed. We assessed for their height, weight, and waist circumferences, body contours by photographs, and the cross sectional areas of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissues were measured at umbilicus level by computerized tomography for 2 months. The cross sectional areas in SAT reduced from 243.3 ± 24.7 to 238.5 ± 40.7 cm2 at 2 months post-treatment. Those of VAT reduced from 141.3 ± 46.4 to 125.1 ± 42.8 cm2 at 2 months post-treatment. Cross sectional areas of VAT, and waist circumferences were significantly reduced by 16.2 cm2, 4.1 cm respectively. Additionally visual improvement without unexpected adverse events was noted. In conclusion a single session cryolipolysis demonstrated to reduce visceral adipose tissue as well as waist circumferences tissue for 2 months. Further controlled study would be needed to evaluate for reduction of visceral adipose tissue by cryolipolysis.