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    Bueno, M. and Assis, A.K.T. (2015) Cálculo de Indutancia e de Forca em Circuitos Elétricos [Calculation of Inductance and Force between Electric Circuits]. 2nd Edition, Roy Keys Inc., Apeiron Montreal, Canada.

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  • TITLE: Analysis of Possible Nonlocal Forces in Superconducting Materials
  • AUTHORS: Elio B. Porcelli, Victo S. Filho
  • KEYWORDS: Cooper Pairs, Anomalous Forces, Superconductivity, Generalized Quantum Entanglement
  • JOURNAL NAME: Journal of Power and Energy Engineering DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2018.61007 May 15, 2018
  • ABSTRACT: In this work, we show that anomalous forces in rotating superconductor rings seem to be nonlocal in its nature, according to same theoretical framework in our previous analysis concerning to superconducting disks and toroids. Here we discuss an experiment involving rotating and angularly accelerated superconducting rings and show that the concept of generalized quantum entanglement can explain the anomaly accordingly. In fact, the hypothesis of momentum variation exchanged between Cooper pairs and outer particles regarding a hypothesis of preexisting state of generalized quantum entanglement which is also valid in this system because classical macroscopic quantities are performed in the calculation and indicate good agreement between experimental and theoretical results. We also analyze the possible reason for the discrepance between positive and null results in case of some high voltage discharge experiments involving superconducting discs in terms of nonlocal force induction aiming to reinforce that the anomalous effect can really exist in all of those superconducting systems. The experiments indicate that the anomalous forces are still weak, but our study can provide some possible physical conditions in order to increase the magnitude of the forces and provide future viable technological applications from that phenomenon.