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    Starkweather, H.W. and Moynihan, R.E. (1956) Density, Infrared Absorption, and Crystallinity in 66 and 610 Nylons. Journal of Polymer Science Part A, 22, 363-368.

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  • TITLE: Nylon/Porphyrin/Graphene Oxide Fiber Ternary Composite, Synthesis and Characterization
  • AUTHORS: César García-Pérez, Carmina Menchaca-Campos, Miguel A. García-Sánchez, Elsa Pereyra-Laguna, Ociel Rodríguez-Pérez, Jorge Uruchurtu-Chavarín
  • KEYWORDS: Electrospinning, Composite, Nylon, Porphyrin, Graphene Oxide
  • JOURNAL NAME: Open Journal of Composite Materials DOI: 10.4236/ojcm.2017.73009 Jul 08, 2017
  • ABSTRACT: This research was based on the manufacture of new composite materials that offer technological possibilities in the development of new devices with greater efficiency. Electrospinning was used to form nylon 66/-tetra-(para-aminophenyl) porphyrin (H2T(p-NH2)PP)/graphene oxide (GO) composite film. Graphene oxide coatings were obtained from graphite, through mechanical exfoliation followed by calcination and ultrasonic agitation in an oxidant solution. These samples were characterized under SEM, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, UV-vis and R-X techniques. On the other hand, H2T(p-NH2)PP was synthesized in two steps process by the Rothemun reaction and the Adler Method and it was integrated within nylon polyamide fibers by direct addition of a hexamethylenediamine/adipoyl chloride reactant mixture. The polymerization of the nylon/H2T(p-NH2)PP species occurs in such a way that it starts or ends on the four peripherals-NH2 groups, connected and located in the same molecular plane of H2T(p-NH2)PP, forming nylon chains at the periphery of the macrocycle. The association of GO with nylon/H2T(p-NH2)PP fibers is performed