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    Raza, H.A. (1997) Exploration Strategy for Frontier Regions of Pakistan. 1st Annual Technical Convention of PAPG, Islamabad, 26-27 September 1997.

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  • TITLE: Structural Interpretation and Petrophysical Analysis for Reservoir Sand of Lower Goru, Miano Area, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan
  • AUTHORS: Muhammad Sohail Khan, Farhana Masood, Qadeer Ahmed, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan Jadoon, Naveed Akram
  • KEYWORDS: Seismic Interpretation, Time-and-Depth Contour Map, 3D View, Synthetic Seismograph, Reservoir Estimation
  • JOURNAL NAME: International Journal of Geosciences DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2017.84020 May 17, 2017
  • ABSTRACT: The main purpose of this research is to estimate the structural analysis and hydrocarbon potential of Miano Block by using seismic and well log techniques. Miano area hosts a number of gas fields with structural and stratigraphic traps. The area is located in Central Indus Basin which is a part of an extensional regime exhibiting normal faulting due to the split of the Indian Plate firstly from Africa and then from Madagascar and Seychelles. Miano area recognized as a proven petroleum province which has complex tectonic history of Cretaceous extensional and overprints of Tertiary strike-slip tectonics. The area has prospect with accumulation of hydrocarbons in structural and stratigraphic traps including pinchouts. NW-SE oriented Khairpur and Mari Highs are main structural features with impact on the fault system. The sands of Lower Goru of Lower Cretaceous age are acting as a reservoir in the area. The area has great potential of hydrocarbons for which more exploratory wells are required to be drilled with better insight of structural and stratigraphic traps.