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  • TITLE: Agricultural Extension for Enhancing Production and Productivity: The Case of Southern Ethiopia, Arba Minch Zuriya District
  • AUTHORS: Molla Mekonnen Alemu
  • KEYWORDS: Agriculture, Extension, Food Security, Production
  • JOURNAL NAME: Open Access Library Journal DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103427 Apr 25, 2017
  • ABSTRACT: Agricultural production systems are believed to evolve through different developmental stages that shaped up its current state. Literatures mentioned that the latest agricultural development seems to have been in Southwest Asia, mainly in the present day Turkey and Iraq area. Agricultural extension efforts in Ethiopia have helped the transformation of productivity and production. It has contributed for reduction of poverty and for the development of the economic and human capitals of the country. This study was conducted to assess the major strengths and limitations of agricultural extension activities in the southern Ethiopia with a major focus on Arba Minch Zuriya district. The study was carried out by involving 78 agricultural communities of the area and 12 representatives of the concerned governmental institutions. The findings of the study have showed as the agricultural extension system in the area is playing a pivotal role in terms of food security, local and regional economic development and the creation of employment opportunities. However, the agricultural extension efforts are also being challenged by the producer’s level of awareness, shortage of rainfall and increased cost of agricultural inputs. Therefore, enhancing the traditional and modern irrigation practices, improved market linkages, creation of the enabling environment to better organize cooperatives and associations could help to increase the significantly impacting agricultural services of the region in particular and the country in general.