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    Kemp, I.C. and Macdonald, E.K. (1988) Energy and Process Integration in Continuous and Batch Processes. Institution of Chemical Engineering Symposium, Series No. 105, 185-200.

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  • TITLE: Energy Targeting for a Brewing Process Using Pinch Analysis
  • AUTHORS: Noah Tibasiima, Aldo Okullo
  • KEYWORDS: Energy Targeting, Pinch Analysis, Hint, Brewing, Utility Requirements
  • JOURNAL NAME: Energy and Power Engineering DOI: 10.4236/epe.2017.91002 Jan 27, 2017
  • ABSTRACT: The rising cost of energy and environmental concerns have led the brewing industry to search for techniques of reducing energy consumption in brewery operations. In this paper, pinch analysis was applied to a typical Ugandan based brewery process to target for the energy requirements of the process. Hint software was used for the analysis. At the chosen ΔTmin of 10℃, the minimum cooling and heating utility requirements of the brewery studied were determined as being 4862.21 kW and 8294.21 kW respectively, with a pinch temperature at 68℃. It was observed that using the technique, 1806.59 kW of energy could be recovered through process to process heat exchange which presented an energy saving potential of 21.5%. It is recommended that results from this study could be used in the design or retrofit of a heat exchanger network of a brewery for improved energy efficiency. Considerations can also be made for other values of ΔTmin.