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    Canals, M., Lastras, G., Urgeles, R., et al. (2004) Slope Failure Dynamics and Impacts from Seafloor and Shallow Sub-Seafloor Geophysical Data: Case Studies From the Costa Project. Marine Geology, 213, 9-72.

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  • TITLE: 声学探测技术在近海工程中的应用Application of Acoustic Detection Technology in Offshore Engineering
  • AUTHORS: 丛新, 赵龙伟, 王旻烨, 张存勇, 朱文谨
  • KEYWORDS: 声学,近海工程,海底探测,蠕动<br>Acoustics, Offshore Engineering, Submarine Detection, Creep
  • JOURNAL NAME: Adances in Marine Sciences DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2016.33012 Dec 06, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 海洋资源开发利用将成为未来经济的中流砥柱,近海工程是海岸带开发的重要基础设施。声学在海水中的传播优于电磁波,因此受到近海工程海底勘测的青睐,成为目前海底勘测技术的领头羊。本文综述了声学勘测技术在近海工程测深、地形地貌勘查、动力环境勘测、地层勘测及海底稳定性勘测等工程领域的应用。 The development and utilization of marine resources will become the mainstay of the economy in the future, and offshore engineering is an important infrastructure in the development of the coastal zone. The propagation of acoustic waves in seawater is better than electromagnetic wave, so it is favored by the offshore engineering survey, and becomes the leader of the seabed survey technology. The application of acoustic survey technology in the engineering fields is summarized, including the offshore engineering sounding, the topography and geomorphology exploration, the dynamic environment survey, the stratum survey and the stability of the seabed.