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    李英华. 高血压的现状与流行[J]. 中华心血管病杂志, 2004(7): 456.

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  • TITLE: 影响不同种族患高血压的因素分析Analysis of Factors Influencing Hypertension in Different Ethnic Groups
  • AUTHORS: 胡梦婷, 费宇
  • KEYWORDS: 高血压,Logit分类,随机森林分类<br>Hypertension, Logit Classification, Random Forest Classification
  • JOURNAL NAME: Hans Journal of Data Mining DOI: 10.12677/HJDM.2016.63013 Dec 06, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 由于现在人们得高血压的几率越来越大,而高血压所引起的并发症十分危险,高血压各种并发症病逐渐成为了现代健康杀手之一。本文选用UCI数据库中的美国健康普查数据进行分析处理。本文通过对不同种族的人的各因素用logit分类以及随机森林分类进行分析,得到了以下结论:不论种族,年龄对高血压都有显著影响;对于不同种族,其他的因素对高血压的影响程度不同。 Recently, it is more likely to have high blood pressure, and complications related to high blood pressure are dangerous. Complications of hypertension have gradually become one of the killers of modern health. In this paper, we use the United States health survey data in UCI database for analysis and processing. We dealt with each factor of people from different races using Logit Clas-sification and the Random Forest Classification, and obtained the following conclusions: Regardless of race, age had significant effects on high blood pressure; For different ethnic groups, influence of other factors on hypertension is different.