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    刘超, 刘增义. 中药多糖降血糖研究进展[J]. 安徽中医学院学报, 1999, 13(5): 83-85.

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  • TITLE: 环糊精包含鲜罗汉果提取物对小鼠血糖的调节作用研究A Study on Regulatory Effect of Cyclodextrin Containing Fresh Momordica Extracts on Mice Blood Glucose
  • AUTHORS: 黄岛平, 林葵, 蒋艳芳, 徐慧, 陈建红, 王硕
  • KEYWORDS: 环糊精包含鲜罗汉果提取物,血糖浓度,实验小鼠<br>Cyclodextrin Containing Fresh Momordica Extracts, Blood Glucose Concentration, Experimental Mice
  • JOURNAL NAME: Advances in Analytical Chemistry DOI: 10.12677/AAC.2016.64016 Dec 06, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 目的:研究环糊精包含鲜罗汉果提取物对小鼠血糖的调节作用。方法:不同剂量给药实验小鼠后,在不同时间测定小鼠血糖变化情况。结果:环糊精包含鲜罗汉果提取物能明显降低小鼠血糖浓度,提高小鼠的葡萄糖耐量。结论:环糊精包含鲜罗汉果提取物具有降血糖作用。 Objective: To study the regulatory effect of cyclodextrin containing fresh momordica extract on blood glucose of mice. Methods: The changes of blood glucose in mice were measured at different time after different doses of administration. Results: Cyclodextrin containing fresh mangosteen extract could significantly reduce the blood glucose concentrations of mice, and improve the glucose tolerance of mice. Conclusion: Cyclodextrin containing fresh momordica extract has the effect on decreasing blood glucose.