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    赵劲松, 张旭东, 袁星, 王晶. 土壤溶解性有机质的特性与环境意义[J]. 应用生态学报, 2013, 14(1): 126-130.

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  • TITLE: 红外光谱在土壤有机质检测中的应用进展Application of Infrared Spectroscopy in the Detection of Soil Organic Matter (SOM)
  • AUTHORS: 虞丹尼, 雷世勤, 黎司, 江忠远, 高智席, 敖克厚
  • KEYWORDS: 土壤有机质,红外光谱,漫反射,衰减全反射,综述<br>Soil Organic Matter, Infrared Spectroscopy, Diffuse Reflection, Attenuated Total Reflection, Overview
  • JOURNAL NAME: Advances in Analytical Chemistry DOI: 10.12677/AAC.2016.63008 Dec 05, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 红外光谱应用于土壤有机质的分析检测,具有较传统土壤有机质的测定方法无可比拟的优势,本文对红外光谱法应用于土壤有机质分析测试,着重从近红外、漫反射、衰减全反射几个方面进行了综述,最后对红外光谱在土壤有机质检测应用方面进行了展望。这为后续研究提供有益参考。 Infrared spectroscopy has incomparable advantages, compared with the traditional method for the determination of organic matter in soil. In this paper, the application of infrared spectroscopy to the analysis of soil organic matter (SOM) is tested and analyzed, summarizing several aspects of the near infrared, diffuse reflection and attenuated total reflection. Finally, the application of infrared spectroscopy in the detection of SOM is prospected, which provides reference for the further research.