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    Denner, R., Crijns, H.J. and Heymans, S. (2008) Acute Viral Myocarditis. European Heart Journal, 29, 2073-2082.

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  • TITLE: 中毒性心肌炎引发的恶性心律失常Malignant Arrhythmia Caused by Toxic Myocarditis
  • AUTHORS: 张涓, 刘兴鹏
  • KEYWORDS: 中毒性心肌炎,恶性心律失常;Toxic Myocarditis, Malignant Arrhythmia
  • JOURNAL NAME: Asian Case Reports in Vascular Medicine DOI: 10.12677/ACRVM.2016.41001 Apr 07, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 临床上,中毒性心肌炎引发恶性心律失常的病例少有报道。我们汇报一位中年患者吸入污染毒物后出现恶性心律失常的病例。特别是患者在短时间内出现的心电图动态变化令人迷惑,值得探究。我们也提出在类似情况下积极处理的建议。 In clinic, there are few cases of malignant arrhythmia caused by toxic myocarditis. We report a case of malignant arrhythmia following a middle-aged patient who was contaminated with toxic pollution. In particular, the change of electrocardiogram of the patient in short duration is confusing. It is worth exploring. Suggestions for active treatment in similar cases are also presented.