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    百度百科, 太阳时角[EB/OL]., 2015-09-11.

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  • TITLE: 基于遗传算法的太阳影子定位模型及研究The Sun Shadow Position Model on Gene Algorithms
  • AUTHORS: 张慧
  • KEYWORDS: 影子定位,拟合,启发式算法,遗传算法,灰度矩阵<br>Shadow Positioning, Matching, Heuristic Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm, Gray Matrix
  • JOURNAL NAME: Hans Journal of Data Mining DOI: 10.12677/HJDM.2016.61009 Apr 07, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 本文以直杆为研究对象,利用二次拟合方法、遗传算法和量子遗传算法对影长数据和视频进行处理,来建立太阳影子定位模型,从而可以得出拍摄地点与日期。首先,转化视频中部分图片并提取出灰度矩阵,对其中直杆、杆影矩阵进行二值化处理;其次,根据其比例关系算出不同时刻的杆影长度,通过二次拟合求得经度的大致范围;接着,对经纬度网格化,采用启发式算法遍历所有格点;最后,将经纬度求出的影长与实际影长的相似度作为目标函数,得出地理坐标。建模时,发现启发式算法的收敛速度较慢,故运用遗传算法对经纬度全局搜索。为确定可能的拍摄日期,建立基遗传算法的太阳影子定位模型,采用二进制编码初始化种群,转化为十进制计算适应度,通过迭代得出结果。<br/>Based on the straight rod as the research object, this paper uses the quadratic fitting method, genetic algorithm and the quantum genetic algorithm (ga) to deal with shadow data and video, to set up the sun’s shadow positioning model, from which the location and date can be concluded. Firstly, we transform some pictures in the video and extract gray level matrix, process rod and rod shadow matrix in binarization; secondly, calculate the shadow length at different times by the relationship of the proportional, through the quadratic fitting for the approximate scope of longitude; then, mesh edit the latitude and longitude, iterate through all the points by the heuristic algorithm; finally, we regard the shadow got by the latitude and longitude and the actual shadow as the objective function. When modeling, we find that the heuristic algorithm’s convergence speed is slow, therefore we use the genetic algorithm to the global search. In order to determine the possible date, we set up the sun shadow locating model which is based on genetic algorithm with binary coding to initialize the population, converted to a decimal calculation fitness, through iteration obtain the geographic coordinates.