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    Gorczynski, P. (Ed.) (2014). Examining the Efficacy and Feasibility of Exercise Counseling in Individuals with Schizophrenia: A Single-Case Experimental Study. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 1-7.

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  • TITLE: 特殊理论导向结构化团体咨询研究范式的建构Constructing a Research Paradigm on Special Theoretical Orientation Structuring Group Counseling
  • AUTHORS: 张焰, 王耘
  • KEYWORDS: 询证医学,特殊理论取向,结构化团体咨询,评估性研究,研究范式<br>Evidence-Based Medicine, Special Theoretical Orientation, Structuring Group Counseling, Evaluation Research, Research Paradigm
  • JOURNAL NAME: Advances in Psychology DOI: 10.12677/AP.2016.61008 Apr 07, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 基于特殊理论导向的结构化团体咨询是将一些特殊的心理治疗的理论和方法用于结构化团体咨询中,以提升结构化团体咨询的干预效能。本文借鉴“询证医学”的核心思想,提出了运用该类团体咨询进行干预研究的研究范式,即集调查研究和干预研究、单纯定量研究与质性–量化研究相互渗透的“分叉研究”的复合研究范式,使基于特殊基于理论导向的结构化团体咨询的方案设计具有更加可靠的理论和实证依据,并提高评估性研究的信效度。 Special Theoretical Orientation Structuring Group Counseling is a kind of structuring Group Counseling designed based on some special psychological or therapeutic theories in order to im-prove its efficacy. A research paradigm on “Special Theoretical Orientation Structuring Group Counseling” is proposed in this article based on the Evidence-Based Medicine thought by integrat-ing the Investigation and Intervention Research and combining the Quantitative Research Qualita-tive Research. This paradigm is expected to support the design of group-counseling on the reliable basis of theory and research to improve the reliability and the validity of its evaluation research.