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    王春蓉. 精馏分离技术的分类及应用研究[J]. 矿冶, 2010, 19(2): 55-62.

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  • TITLE: 硫酸二乙酯提纯装置的改进与智能化研究Research on Improvement and Intelligent for Purification Device of Diethyl Sulfate
  • AUTHORS: 艾进, 李建军, 赵川德, 罗毅坚, 张倩, 陈捷
  • KEYWORDS: 硫酸二乙酯,减压精馏,提纯装置,改进,智能化<br>Diethyl Sulfate, Vacuum Rectification, Purification Device, Improvement, Intellectualization
  • JOURNAL NAME: Instrumentation and Equipments DOI: 10.12677/IaE.2015.34019 Apr 07, 2016
  • ABSTRACT: 本文通过对硫酸二乙酯减压蒸馏装置的改进优化,建立了一套高效智能的提纯装置。提纯产品理化检测结果表明:采用改进后的减压精馏装置进行硫酸二乙酯提纯试验,可以准确控制所需的温度、真空度和分流比,仅需精馏一次即可获得合格品,不仅工艺稳定、操作便捷,而且兼具智能化,进一步提高了作业的职业健康安全水平。 A high effective and intelligent purification device was developed by improving and optimizing the vacuum distillation apparatus of diethyl sulfate. The characterization results of the purified product showed that the qualified product could be obtained by only once rectification process through the modified vacuum rectification device, which could precisely control the temperature, vacuum degree and split ratio. This modified device has the advantages of simple process and easy opera-tion, as well as intelligent control, which further improve the occupational health and safety.