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    Gao, J., Kim, S.J. and Brown, M.S. (2011) Constructing image panoramas using dual-homography warping. 2011 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Colorado, 20-25 June 2011, 49-56.

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  • TITLE: 基于预定位图像框架策略的全景图配准拼接算法研究The Research of Panorama Matching Stitching Algorithm Based on a Predetermined Image Framework Strategy
  • AUTHORS: 徐飞黎
  • KEYWORDS: 壁画拼接,图像配准,SFM,预定位框架<br>Mural Mosaic, Image Registration, SFM, Predetermined Framework
  • JOURNAL NAME: Journal of Image and Signal Processing DOI: 10.12677/JISP.2015.44013 Oct 23, 2015
  • ABSTRACT: 由于壁画拼接在图像拼接应用场景的特殊性,采用传统的单应性投射矩阵配准算法无法满足。通过SFM流程对壁画三维重建,预定位全景图的框架图片,调整非框架图片的投射顺序,采用滑动窗口直接线性变换算法进行投射。通过全景图的主观评价,误差数值的客观评价以及与商业拼接软件作实验对比验证了本课题算法的可行性。 Because of the particularity of the mural mosaic work in the panorama stitching, the existing algorithms can’t satisfy the needs. We set up three-dimensional reconstruction by a structure-from- motion (SFM) system to obtain the framework, and then project the no-frame images to the frame by Moving DLT in order to refine the transformations. The experiment shows a better result between objectivity and subjectivity compared with commercial softwares.