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    Marosi, L.A. (2014) Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 29-33.

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  • TITLE: A New Interpretation of the Hubble Law
  • AUTHORS: Pascal Churoux
  • KEYWORDS: Hubble Law, Space-Time, Light Speed, Universe Expansion, Redshift
  • JOURNAL NAME: Journal of Modern Physics DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.69127 Aug 07, 2015
  • ABSTRACT: We propose a new interpretation of Hubble law. Waves are observed in the observer space-time. It defines the observer proper time T. Space-time is composed of three spatial dimensions and three temporal parameters: proper-time s of the observed object, proper time T of the observer and integration time t (currently considered as relative time). Time origin is the birth of the universe. So, universe is stable; it can be seen as the comobile space of expansion theory. When changing space-time from the source to the observer, waves are seen cooling; this explains the redshift effect. The distance is defined as the product of the delay time with the local speed of light of the observer. The mistake between t and T can explain why universe is viewed as not only in expansion but also in acceleration whereas we think it is stable.