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    Lee, T.K. and Al-Mahaidi, R. (2008) An experi-mental investigation on shear behaviour of RC T-beams strengthened with CFRP using photogrammetry. Composite Structures, 82, 185-193.

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  • TITLE: CFRP加固混凝土短柱轴压性能研究Performance Study on Axial Compression of CFRP-Strengthened Concrete Columns
  • AUTHORS: 刘晓凯, 王清远, 王志宇
  • KEYWORDS: 碳纤维布,加固,承载力,力学性能<br>CFRP, Reinforce, Bearing Capacity, Mechanical Property
  • JOURNAL NAME: Hans Journal of Civil Engineering DOI: 10.12677/HJCE.2015.43014 May 15, 2015
  • ABSTRACT: 通过对6个混凝土柱的静力加载试验,本文研究了碳纤维布加固对不同截面混凝土柱的力学性能的影响,分析了碳纤维布粘贴层数及短柱截面类型对碳纤维布加固效果的具体影响。结果表明:碳纤维布可明显提高混凝土柱的刚度和极限承载力,减小柱的竖向位移,减小柱的横向应变和纵向应变;当碳纤维布粘贴层数为两层时,其影响程度比粘贴一层时更为显著,但其提高程度不与加固面积成正比;碳纤维布加固对混凝土圆柱极限承载力和刚度的提高优于对混凝土方柱的提高。<br/>Through the static load test of six CFRP reinforced concrete columns, the paper studies the CFRP reinforced concrete columns with different cross section of the influence of mechanical properties, and analyzes the specific influence of the carbon fiber cloth paste layer and column’s section type to carbon fiber cloth reinforcement effect. The results show that: Carbon fiber cloth can obviously increase the stiffness and ultimate bearing capacity of concrete columns, reduce the vertical dis-placement of column and reduce the lateral strain and the axial strain of the columns. When the paste layer of carbon fiber cloth is two, the impact is more obvious. But the increase degree is not proportional to the reinforced area; the improvement of carbon fiber cloth reinforcement to con-crete columns’ ultimate bearing capacity and stiffness is superior to the improvement of concrete square column.