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  • TITLE: Sleeping on an Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Reduces Facial Wrinkles: Results from an Anatomical Study
  • AUTHORS: Borut Poljsak, Aleksandar Godic, Rok Fink, Martina Oder, Tomaz Lampe, Raja Dahmane
  • KEYWORDS: Sleeping, Wrinkles, Facial Anatomy, Anti-Wrinkle Pillow
  • JOURNAL NAME: Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research DOI: 10.4236/fmar.2015.32010 Apr 02, 2015
  • ABSTRACT: Background: A special pillow was designed to redistribute mechanical stress during sleeping in order to slow down the formation of facial skin wrinkles. Objective: To investigate whether sleeping on a specially designed pillow reduces facial skin wrinkles. Participants and Methods: A 28-day pilot study was carried out in which fifteen healthy female volunteers aged 23 - 55 years (mean age 35. 6 ± 8.5) slept on an antiwrinkle pillow. Evaluation of facial wrinkles was conducted before commencing the study (T0), following at 14 days (T14), and at 28 days (T28) when the study ended. Wrinkle density was assessed by computerized analysis of 2D images of participants’ faces. Results: A statistically significant decrease in wrinkle density was detected while smiling around both eyes, around the right eye in a relaxed facial expression, on average in all observed facial areas, around the left periorbital area in participants who predominantly slept on their left side of the body, but not on the frontal area. Limitations: A 3D camera could be used to better visualize and analyze wrinkle density. Conclusions: Sleeping on the specially designed pillow reduces facial wrinkles.