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    范晓君 (2011) 宿州市水资源可持续开发利用建议. 江淮水利科技, 6, 17-20.

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  • TITLE: 宿州市城市规划区水资源利用现状及可持续利用研究The Research of the Utilization Status and Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources in Suzhou Urban Planning District
  • AUTHORS: 刘东升
  • KEYWORDS: 宿州市城市规划区,水资源利用现状,可持续利用<br>Suzhou Urban Planning District, The Utilization Status of Water Resources, Sustainable Utilization
  • JOURNAL NAME: Open Journal of Soil and Water Conservation DOI: 10.12677/OJSWC.2015.31002 Feb 25, 2015
  • ABSTRACT: 通过对宿州市城市规划区水资源的全面阐述,包括宿州市城市规划区水资源利用现状、宿州市城市规划区水资源利用中存在的主要问题,进而制定出宿州市城市规划区水资源可持续利用的七大对策。采取的方法主要是文献参考法、调查研究法、跨学科研究法、描述性研究法和科学思维方法。通过科学研究得出的八大对策,可以为宿州市城市规划区有效地解决水资源利用管理中存在的问题提供科学方法,可以帮助实现宿州市城市规划区水资源的可持续利用和经济社会的可持续发展。<br/>Through the comprehensive elaboration of water resources in Suzhou urban planning district, in-cluding the current status and the main existing problems of water resources utilization in Suzhou urban planning district, then eight countermeasures of sustainable utilization of water resources in Suzhou urban planning district were formulated. Literature reference method, investigation method, interdisciplinary study method, descriptive research method and scientific thinking me-thod are the main methods used in the research. The eight countermeasures can provide scientific methods for Suzhou urban planning district to solve the problems existing in the management of water resources utilization, and it can also help achieve sustainable utilization of water resources and economic and social sustainable development in Suzhou urban planning district.