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    Humphreys, F.J. (1999) A New Analysis of Recovery, Recrystallization and Grain Growth. Materials Science and Technology, 15, 37-44.

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  • TITLE: Prediction of the Microstructural Variations of Cold-Worked Pure Aluminum during Annealing Process
  • AUTHORS: Hamid Reza Rezaei Ashtiani, Peyman Karami
  • KEYWORDS: Grain Size, Annealing, Static Recrystallization, Grain Growth, FEM
  • JOURNAL NAME: Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Material Science DOI: 10.4236/mnsms.2015.51001 Jan 07, 2015
  • ABSTRACT: The mechanical properties such as hardness and ultimate tensile strength of metals depend on the grain size, which have to be properly controlled and optimized to ensure the better economy and desirable mechanical characteristics of the metals. In order to study the microstructure evolution of AA1070, many experimental tests were conducted at different cold working and annealing conditions. Utilizing the experimental results, the static recrystallization and grain growth behavior of AA1070 have been investigated and the developed equations that can be used to the FEM of the annealing process have been obtained. The agreement between numerical modeling and experimental results is reasonably good for this material. The results showed that the recrystallization and grain growth behavior of AA1070 was evidently affected by both the annealing temperature and plastic strain.