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    Robicheaux Robert, A. and El-Ansary Adel, I. (1976) A general model for understanding channel member behavior. Journal of Retailing, 52, 13-32.

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  • TITLE: 北京农户叶类蔬菜营销渠道绩效评价Evaluation of Leafy Vegetables Marketing Channel Efficiency Based on Beijing Farmers
  • AUTHORS: 刘瑞涵, 王艳宇, 卢瑞雪, 何忠伟
  • KEYWORDS: 农户,营销渠道,绩效评价,灰层次分析法<br>Farmers, Marketing Channel, Efficiency Evaluation, Grey Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • JOURNAL NAME: Modern Marketing DOI: 10.12677/MOM.2014.44010 Dec 25, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: 评价北京农户的叶类蔬菜渠道绩效时,首先建立相应评价指标体系;其次通过层次分析法建立多阶层次分析模型并计算影响绩效的各因素指标权重,同时基于三角白化权函数的灰色评估方法,评估渠道各层次指标,得到相应渠道绩效的等级和综合评价值。定量评价结论是:“农户 + 企业或合作社”模式的渠道绩效最高,其次是“农户 + 产地集贸市场”和“农户 + 产地收购商”。“农户 + 批发市场”模式的渠道绩效最低,不适于农户进行叶类蔬菜的销售。<br/>Marketing channel efficiency of leafy vegetables was evaluated in this study. The impact factors of leafy vegetable marketing channel efficiency were identified, and then its corresponding evaluation index system was constructed. An evaluation model for multi-hierarchy process based on AHP was established, and the index weights of various factors were calculated. Meanwhile, on the basis of grey evaluation method of triangular whitening weight function, the indexes of various hierarchies in different channels were evaluated and the level and comprehensive evaluation value of performance of marketing channels efficiency were got. The quantitative evaluation results showed that the mode of “Farmers + enterprise (cooperatives)” achieved the highest channel efficiency and the mode of “Farmers + Wholesale” achieved the lowest channel efficiency. The mode of “Farmers + Wholesale” is unsuitable for farmers selling leafy vegetables.