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    Fredrike, P. B. (2008). Posttraumatic success: Solution-focused brief therapy. Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention, 8, 215-225.

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  • TITLE: 焦点解决短期咨商模式以团体咨商方式应用于学校学生之概论Using Solution-Focused Group Counseling for Students in School
  • AUTHORS: 陈怡君, 宋妍洁
  • KEYWORDS: 焦点解决短期咨商,焦点解决短期咨商团体<br>Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Group Counseling
  • JOURNAL NAME: Advances in Psychology DOI: 10.12677/AP.2014.43B002 Oct 15, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: 本研究主要目的为介绍焦点解决短期咨商模式,及探讨如何以焦点解决短期咨商(solution-focused brief counseling,简称SFBC)以团体咨商方式应用于学校,进行咨商服务工作。为配合学校供需法则,团体咨商提供了更符合经济效率的服务内容。然而在过去研究中关于焦点解决短期团体介入学校咨商服务讨论应用上什少。故本研究将着力于介绍焦点解决短期咨商以及讨论焦点解决短期咨商以团体咨商方式应用于学校学生,以协助学校实务工作者于工作中之参考与应用。 The purpose of this research tended to introduce solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) and discussed how it applied in group counseling in school. Group counseling provided more economical efficiency services as schools needed. However, there were rarely mentioned in previous studies. For helping practitioners in schools, this study was aimed to introduce SFBT and discussed the documents about using solution-focused group counseling.