K. S. Patel, A. S. hmad, G. O’Leary and M. Michel. The role of computed tomography in the management of peritonsillar ab- scess. Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery, 1992, 107(6): 727-732.


  • TITLE: 颈部侧位X光肿块影像表现的扁桃腺周围脓疡(附病例报告)Peritonsillar Abscess Presenting as a Mass Shadow on Lateral Neck Radiograph: A Case Report
  • AUTHORS: 陈映庄, 阮仙利, 陈中明
  • KEYWORDS: 扁桃腺周围脓疡;放射诊断;颈部侧位X光片<br>Peritonsillar Abscess; Diagnostic Radiology; Lateral Neck Radiograph
  • JOURNAL NAME: Asian Case Reports in Pediatrics DOI: 10.12677/ACRP.2013.12005 Oct 15, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: 背景:扁桃腺周围脓疡的影像学诊断方式以计算机断层为主,以颈部侧位X光片影像诊断的报告尚少,本文目的是报告一个可以用颈部侧位X光片诊断扁桃腺周围脓疡的方法。方法:我们回顾了扁桃腺周围脓疡的临床症状以及影像学诊断文献,对照我们所报告的病例,探讨更有效的诊断方法。结果:计算机断层扫描虽然对于扁桃腺周围脓疡仍然是很准确的诊断工具,但是颈部侧位的X光片结合临床症状有很好的诊断价值。结论:我们的观察发现,颈部侧位X光片对于诊断扁桃腺周围脓疡以及排除其它颈部感染,经济且快速,在临床上有非常好的诊断价值。 Background: Lateral neck radiograph is the most significant radiographic examination performed in a child with a suspected pharyngeal lesion. Methods: A 10-year-old boy suffered from severe sore throat with drooling and could not open mouth for 1 day. He complained of difficulty initiating swallowing even swallowing own saliva. Results: A lateral neck radiograph showed a mass shadow behind the posterior border of the mandibular ramus. Contrast-en- hanced CT showed a rim-enhanced hypodense mass (1.5 × 1.3 cm) at right superio-lateral tonsillar fossa. Endoscopy revealed a visible bulge of the right tonsil. Peritonsillar abscess was consequently diagnosed. Conclusions: A properly positioned lateral neck radiograph with a good imaging quality is a useful modality in the preliminary diagnosis of peritonsillar abscess.