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    胡德放, 黄泽兰, 殷美兰. 差示旋光法测定琥乙红霉素片的含量[J]. 安徽医药, 2005, 9(10): 750-750.

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  • TITLE: 差示旋光法对VC含量的测定及分析Differential Polarimetry Measurement and Analysis of the Content of VC
  • AUTHORS: 孙宝良, 孙文涛
  • KEYWORDS: 维生素C;差示旋光法;旋光度;含量测定<br>Vitamin C; Differential Polarimetry; Optical Rotation; Assay
  • JOURNAL NAME: Journal of Advances in Physical Chemistry DOI: 10.12677/JAPC.2012.12003 Oct 15, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: 维生素C的含量测定主要有碘量法、分光光度法、旋光法、高效液相色谱法、薄层扫描法等多种测量方法,其中碘量法测量过程较为繁琐,且不易排除辅料对维生素C复方制剂的干扰[1];而分光光度法、高效液相色谱法、薄层扫描法等对测量仪器要求较高,加大了检测成本[1]。本文应用物理学方法,借助于线性回归理论,利用维生素C在不同pH的溶液中其旋光度有显著差异,并且其差示旋光度和浓度在一定范围内呈线性关系的特点,通过差示旋光法对VC注射液的含量进行测定,同时对实验的有关影响因素进行研究分析。结果表明VC注射液在2.50 mg/ml~12.5 mg/ml范围内浓度与差示旋光度的线性关系良好,得到的相关方程为y = 0.1835x + 0.0113,相关系数r = 0.996。对比其他测量方法,该方法简单可靠,结果合理,从而达到快速、简便、准确的测定VC含量的目的,尤其适用于中小医院相关科室对药物的快速检测。 Determination of vitamin C content of the main iodometry, spectrophotometry, polarimetry, HPLC, TLC scanning method and other methods of measurement, iodometric method for the measurement process is more cumber-some and difficult to exclude excipients vitamin C compound interference; higher spectrophotometry, HPLC, TLC scan-ning method of measuring instruments, and increased testing costs. In this paper, methods of physics, by means of linear regression theory, the use of vitamin C in different pH solution in the optical rotation were significantly different, and the differential characteristics of the optical rotation and a linear relationship between concentration within a certain range, by difference show the polarimetry VC injection of content were measured at the same time to study and analyze the influencing factors of the experiment. The results show that the VC injection in 2.50 mg/ml. To 12.5 mg/ml concentra-tion and differential optical rotation of the linear relationship, the related equation y = 0.1835 x + 0.0113, the correlation coefficient r = 0.996. Compared with other measurement methods, the method is simple and reliable, the result is rea-sonable, so as to achieve fast, simple and accurate determination of the purpose of the VC content, especially for small and medium-sized hospital departments for the rapid detection of drugs.