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    G. Aragay, J. Pons and A. Merko. Recent trends in macro-, micro-, and nanomaterial-based tools and strategies for heavy metal detection. Chemical Reviews, 2011, 111(5): 3433-3458.

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  • TITLE: 电化学共沉淀分离测定痕量重金属离子的研究进展Progress on the Electrochemical Co-Precipitation Determination for Trace Amounts of Heavy Metal Ions
  • AUTHORS: 刘敏, 王广凤, 方宾
  • KEYWORDS: 重金属离子;痕量;修饰电极;电化学共沉淀<br/>Heavy Metal Ions; Trace Amount; Modified Electrode; Electrochemical Co-Precipitation
  • JOURNAL NAME: Advances in Analytical Chemistry DOI: 10.12677/aac.2011.12002 Oct 15, 2014
  • ABSTRACT: 本文简述了近年来测定重金属离子的电分析方法,着重介绍了电化学共沉淀分离测定痕量重金属离子的研究进展。该方法集分离、富集和测定于一体的优势,有着良好的选择性、灵敏度和稳定性。引用文献36篇。 Description on the electrochemical determination of heavy metal ions in recent years was pre-sented in this paper. Research of electrochemical co-precipitation detection of trace amounts of heavy metal ions was high lightly introduced. The method was that separation, enrichment and electrochemical detection of trace heavy metal ions were simultaneously and synchronously carried through and it shows high selecti- vity, sensitivity and stability. And thirty-six literatures were cited.