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Estudo comparativo de diferentes meios de cultura para o isolamento de salmonelas em matérias-primas e ra??es

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-95962000000100012

Keywords: salmonella, culture media, feed.

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this work was designed to evaluate the efficacy of culture media for salmonella recovery in feedstuffs and feeds. all experimental samples were processed for recovery of stressed bacteria in buffered peptone water and selective media: selenite cystine (sc), rappaport vassiliadis (rv) and tetrathionate hajna (th), and solid media: brilliant green agar (bga) and xylose lisine desoxycholate (xld). higher number of positive samples was observed from th and rv as compared to sc. the th incubated at 42oc produces the bigger number of positive results, whereas the solid media bga and xld were both effective.


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