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DMFT index and oral mucosal lesions associated with HIV infection: cross-sectional study in Porto Velho, Amazonian region - Brazil

DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702010000500005

Keywords: oral mucosal lesions, dmft index, tooth decay, hiv infection.

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we evaluated the dmft (decayed, missing and filled teeth) index and the prevalence of candidiasis, linear gingival erythema, oral hairy leukoplakia, herpes simplex, aphthous ulcers, kaposi's sarcoma and lymphoma, as well as the association with tcd4 count, viral load (vl) and antiretroviral therapy (art) in 140 hiv-infected adult individuals. a standardized examination to determine the dmft index and the presence of oral lesions was conducted. demographic data, tcd4 count and use of art were obtained from medical records. a high number of decayed teeth detected among patients undergoing art resulted in a mean dmft of 16.9 teeth. it was observed that 24.2% of the individuals had at least one oral lesion. candidiasis was the most frequent lesion and was associated with the tcd4 count. oral hairy leukoplakia was associated with an increased vl. regular use of art was inversely associated with the occurrence of lesions. overall, the studied population showed low prevalence of oral lesions and high dmft index. the use of art seems to reduce the occurrence of these lesions. higher tcd4 count and a lower vl were associated with an improved oral health status in hiv + individuals


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