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Breeding and trade of wildlife in Santa Catarina state, Brazil

DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842012000100007

Keywords: legal breeding, pet trade, conservation, endangered species.

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the wildlife trade is becoming increasingly more relevant in discussions concerning conservation biology and the sustainable management of natural resources. the aim of this study was to document the trade and breeding of wildlife in santa catarina state, in southern brazil. data was collected from annual reports (1996-2008) of wildlife breeders which were sent to ibama. by the end of 2008, there were 79 wildlife breeders and 11 wildlife traders distributed in santa catarina. commercial breeding accounted for the highest number of breeders (51%). in total, there are 213 species of wild animals bred in the state: 177 birds, 19 mammals and 17 reptiles. of these, 48% are native to santa catarina, 32% occur in other brazilian states and 20% are exotic to brazil. nine percent of the species bred are vulnerable or endangered. it was observed that some breeders reported breeding unauthorized species. altogether, 93 species are bred illegally by 19 breeders. of these species, 48 are native to santa catarina and three are classified as vulnerable or in danger of extinction. we hope the data presented in this paper contributes to the development of conservation strategies and conscious use of wildlife resources in brazil.


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