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Hemorragia espontánea e hipertensión arterial como complicaciones de un pseudoquiste suprarrenal: Presentación de un caso

DOI: 10.4321/S0210-48062005000600012

Keywords: adrenal gland, adrenal pseudocyst, adrenal hemorrhage, shock.

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adrenal pseudocyst are uncommon and asymptomatic tumors. we report an unusual case who had previous high blood pressure and acute hemorrhage presented with abdominal pain and shock. diagnosis was made with ultrasonography and computed tomography revealed the presence of large retroperitoneal hematoma around the superior pole of the left kidney. urgent surgery was made with a complete excision of a 10 cm. tumor with preservation of adrenal tissue and the left kidney. hystopathological diagnosis was: adrenal pseudocyst. blood pressure normalized after surgery.


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