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Physics  2014 

Equation of state and phase transition in spin-orbit-coupled Bose gases at finite temperature: A perturbation approach

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.90.053608

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We study two-component Bose gases with Raman induced spin-orbit coupling via a perturbation approach at finite temperature. For weak coupling, free energy is expanded in terms of Raman coupling strength up to the second order, where the coefficient (referred to as Raman susceptibility) is determined according to linear response theory. The equation of state for the stripe phase and the plane-wave phase are obtained in Popov approximation, and the first order transition between these two phases is investigated. As temperature increases, we find the phase boundary bends toward the stripe phase side in most temperature regions, which implies the ferromagnetic order is more robust than the crystalline order in presence of thermal fluctuations. Our results qualitatively agree with the recent experimental observation in rubidium atomic gases. A method to measure the Raman susceptibility through the two-photon Bragg scattering experiment is also discussed.


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