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Physics  2008 

He3 bi-layers as a simple example of de-confinement

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.045112

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We consider the recent experiments on He3 bi-layers, showing evidence for a quantum critical point (QCP) at which the first layer localizes. Using the Anderson lattice in two dimensions with the addition of a small dispersion of the f-fermion, we modelize the system of adsorbed He3 layers. The first layer represents the f-fermions at the brink of localization while the second layer behaves as a free Fermi sea. We study the quantum critical regime of this system, evaluate the effective mass in the Fermi liquid phase and the coherence temperature and give a fit of the experiments and interpret its main features. Our model can serve as well as a predictive tool used for better determination of the experimental parameters.


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