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Physics  2007 

Quantum secure direct communication based on supervised teleportation

DOI: 10.1117/12.755810

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We present a quantum secure direct communication(QSDC) scheme as an extension for a proposed supervised secure entanglement sharing protocol. Starting with a quick review on the supervised entanglement sharing protocol -- the "Wuhan" protocol [Y. Li and Y. Liu, arXiv:0709.1449v2], we primarily focus on its further extend using for a QSDC task, in which the communication attendant Alice encodes the secret message directly onto a sequence of 2-level particles which then can be faithfully teleported to Bob using the shared maximal entanglement states obtained by the previous "Wuhan" protocol. We also evaluate the security of the QSDC scheme, where an individual self-attack performed by Alice and Bob -- the out of control attack(OCA) is introduced and the robustness of our scheme on the OCA is documented.


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