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Views of Users towards the Quality of Hospital Information System in Training Hospitals

Keywords: Hospital Information System , Hospital Information Quality , Iran

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Background: Users of hospital information system (HIS) use these systems dur -ing working day and know its problems better than oth -ers know. Studying their views is very important and can be espe -cially effective in the development of the in -formation system. The aim of this study was to investigate the users' views to -wards the qual -ity of hospital information system in the training hospitals of Mash -had University of medical sciences. Methods: The current study was an applied research in Training Hos -pitals of Mash -had (East of Iran), which was conducted with de -scriptive cross-sectional method. A four-section questionnaire was de -signed for data collection consisting of: characteristics of informa -tion quality, reasons of low quality of information, accessi -bility of infor -mation and decision support. Validity and reliability were tested and SPSS was used for data analysis. Results: 62.8% of users explained that one of reasons of low qual -ity information was a problem related to obtaining information. 47.7% of them were unsatisfied with hospital information system abil -ity for decision-making support. In general, 53.2% of users were slightly satisfied with the overall quality information of the sys -tem.Conclusion: There are some problems concerning information qual -ity of HIS in Mashhad training hospitals. These problems in -clude inappropriate information qual -ity of the system and


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