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Bocage and Education Between Two Centuries

Keywords: Domestic Education , Marine-Guards Academy , School Education , Pombal Reform

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As part of the commemorations of the 2nd Centenary of Bocage, organised by Setúbal Municipal Council under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Pires, this conference aims to evoke the structures of school education that existed during the lifetime of the poet and their evolution. To a certain extent, the purpose of the conference is to highlight the contribution derived from reading the biography of Bocage, despite the fact that his academic career was extremely short. He did not attend Coimbra University, and instead enrolled at a professional training school similar to the Navy Academy.The intellectual life of Bocage, namely his literary activity, shows that his cultural instruction occurred outside school, although his knowledge of Latin and French (acquired at school) enabled him to perform other activities, such as translation. His verses reveal, albeit from a brief analysis, a philosophical culture that was rare during his epoch.This is what we shall also try to delve into, in the belief that the extra-curricular training, free from the constraints of the official ideology, constitutes in certain cases, the most relevant facet of contra-culture phenomena.


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