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Mixed Noise Suppression in Color Images by Signal-Dependent LMS L-Filters

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The paper is devoted to the signal-dependent (SD) design of adaptiveLMS L-filters with marginal data ordering for color images. The samestem of SD processing of noised grayscale images was applied on noisycolor images. Component-wise and multichannel modifications of SD LMSL-filter in R'G'B' (gamma corrected RGB signals) color space weredeveloped. Both modifications for filtering two-dimensional staticcolor images degraded by mixed noise consisting of additive Gaussianwhite noise and impulsive noise were used. Moreover, single-channelspatial impulse detectors as detectors of impulses and details wereused, too. Considering experimental results, SD modifications ofL-filters for noisy color images can be concluded to yield the bestresults.


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