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The Utilization of Novel Bandpass Sigma-delta Modulator for Capacitance Pressure Sensor Signal Processing

Keywords: Bandpass sigma-delta modulation , pressure measurement , capacitance sensor.

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The paper deals with a novel approach to processing of pressure sensor signals. A bandpass sigma-delta modulator is used for this purpose. This technique is relatively new and it is not used widely, because this kind of modulator is usually utilized for wireless and video applications. Since the bandpass sigma-delta modulator works within its defined band it is resistant to offsets of its sub-circuits. The main stages of this modulator are implemented by means of switched-capacitor (SC) technique. The article presents the basic ideas of this approach and simulation results of the first order of ideal and real modulator. The paper also shows the design of the phase locked loop (PLL) block for synchronization of sensor signal and modulator driving signal. The simple evaluation board was fabricated for confirmation of the proposed principle. Also shown are the results of the chip testing, the modulator layout and the design and test results of the second order of bandpass sigma-delta modulator briefly.


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