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Visual outcome following cataract surgery in rural punjab.

Keywords: Aged , Blindness , epidemiology , etiology , Cataract , epidemiology , Cataract Extraction , adverse effects , Comparative Study , Female , Humans

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In a cluster sample survey in rural areas of Punjab visual outcome after cataract surgery was assessed. Three hundred patients (428 cataract operated eyes) were included in the study from 24 sampled villages. The mean age at cataract extraction was 61.70 +/- 9.82 years. The average interval since the cataract surgery was 7.05 +/- 5.86 years (range 0.11-32 years). Of the 428 operated eyes, 72 (16.82%) were blind (VA < 3/60), 162 (37.85%) had low visual acuity (VA 3/60-< 6/18) and 194 (45.33%) eyes gained good visual acuity (VA > or = 6/18). Cataract surgery related complications were the principal causes leading to blindness in 50 of 72 eyes; these included corneal oedema, (17/72;23.3%), retinal detachment (14/72;19.4%), and aphakic glaucoma (13/72;18.05%). This study emphasizes the need to improve the qualitative aspect of cataract surgery including long-term follow up in rural India.


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