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Pro Ligno  2012 

Parameter Changes Which Characterize the Wear of the Cutting Tool in the Milling Process of Aspen Wood

Keywords: wear of cutter , surface roughness , cutting power , milling , aspen wood , high speed steel , alloyed tool steel

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The aim of the paper is to determine changesof parameters (cutting power, roughness of woodensurface and rounding of cutting edge) whichcharacterize the wear of the cutting tool in the millingprocess of aspen wood (Populus tremula),depending on the rake angle of the cutting tool.The milling process was performed by meansof a computer numerical control milling machine andtwo cutterheads with a rake angle of the fixed cutterknife adjusted at 100, 150, 200 and 300. The cuttersmade of high speed steel and highly alloyed toolsteel. After reaching the definite length of the cuttingtrajectory, the cutting power and the roughness ofthe processed wood surface were measured, as wellas replicates of the cutting edge, by pressing it inlead sheet.By milling aspen wood with highly alloyed toolsteel cutter knives at rake angle of cutter 10o, theroughness of the processed wooden surface beganincreasing after 44 000m length of cutting trajectory,which corresponds to a cutting time of 15 hours.


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