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H-infinity control synthesis with antisaturation compensator

DOI: 10.13111/2066-8201.2010.2.4.26

Keywords: robust servomechanism problem solution , H-infinity control , stabilizing compensator , servocompensator , internal model , input saturation , anti-windup compensator

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In the paper a technique for dealing with the saturation of an H-infinity control is proposed. Thisis a two-step method which extends the approach considered by the author in some recent works andconsists in: 1) the synthesis of the H-infinity controller for the pair of systems composed by the physicalplant and an internal model oriented to the tracking error decreasing in the presence of step inputsignals, and 2) the insertion of an antisaturating compensator based on the idea to make the state ofthe saturated system arbitrarily close to the state of the unsaturated one. A proof on the structure ofthe anti-windup compensator is performed.


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