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Comparison Of Clinical And Microbiological Effects Of Subgingival irrigation With Tetracycline As An Adjunct To Mechanical Therapy On Pathologic Periodontal Pocket Therapy

Keywords: Periodontal therapy , Tetracycline , Subgingival irrigation

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The local administration of antimicrobial agents as an adjunct to mechanical therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease gain a lot of interest in recent years. In this study, the effect of subgingival irrigation with tetracycline adjunct to scaling and root planning on clinical and microbiological parameters were evaluated. For this purpose, 40 patients which have at least 2 pathologic periodontal pockets with a probing depth greater than 5 mm have participated in this study.Initial plaque index, gingival index, gingival bleeding time index, pocket probing depth and attachment level scores were recorded and subgingival plaque sample were taken for microbiological sampling. Spirochetes, cocci and nonmotil rods were scanned by light microscope. Irrigations were performed after scaling and root planing at tetracycline group. At control group only scaling and root planing was performed. After one week, subgingival irrigations were performed again chlorhexidine group. Clinical recordings were repeated at 2. and 4. weeks and subgingival plaque sample were taken.According to our results, significant improvement were shown on all clinical parameters at all therapy groups at 2. and 4. weeks. Intergroup comparision, gingival index scores and attachment level scores were significantly reduced in tetracycline group. However no significant difference was found between groups. Positive improvements were shown on microbial flora at irrigation groups.According to our findings, subgingival irrigation as adjunct to mechanical therapy is not superior than scaling and root planing alone were determined. It suggested that subgingival irrigation may be helpful to conventional therapy at patients with poor oral hygiene


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